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Art Studio in Lexington, MA - Kids, Teens, Adult Art Classes and Birthday Parties



We offer unique and creative birthday parties for children of all ages! Art Studio 760 provides a fun-filled party experience that will include art projects tailored to your party theme. The studio will be decorated. with colorful streamers and a big "Happy Birthday" banner and you are welcomed to bring additional decor items if you'd like!

Art Studio in Lexington, MA - Kids, Teens, Adult Art Classes and Birthday Parties

Parties are $40 per person and all supplies are included.*  There is a $100 deposit required.

Each party is two hours long. We offer parties on Friday evenings from 6-8PM or Saturdays / Sundays from 1-3PM.

*Additional materials fee may be applied for custom projects


Art Studio 760 will decorate the studio with colorful streamers and a big "Happy Birthday" banner.  You can also bring additional decor items to fit your party theme!


Parents can bring and serve their own light refreshments for the party including cupcakes, drinks, snacks, and party treats.


After children arrive and get settled, we'll use about 90 minutes for the art project! Most parents use the last 15 minutes of the party to socialize and provide cupcakes and party favors.


We offer suggestions below, however, children can choose whatever activity they would like! We can work with any party theme, such as unicorns, mermaids,  butterflies, flowers, dinosaurs, sunset at the beach, etc.

Scrapbooking - Art Studio in Lexington, MA - Kids, Teens, Adult Art Classes and Birthday Parties

Each person gets their own. 9x12 hardcover drawing journal and they use paint, collage and decoupage to decorate the covers based on the party theme. Guests leave with their own drawing journal which they can then use for sketching or writing and being creative!


Similar to option one, but the project is painted on an 11x14 stretched canvas. Your instructor will teach a follow-along art lesson based on the party theme! Guests will paint their own canvas in their own creative way!

Art Studio in Lexington, MA - Kids, Teens, Adult Art Classes and Birthday Parties
Art Studio in Lexington, MA - Kids, Teens, Adult Art Classes and Birthday Parties

Guests will make their own UV resin charms and assemble their own charm bracelets from a large assortment of beads and add-ons! This party option is customizable to match your party theme. 

  • What are the different age levels you teach?
    We offer classes for elementary, middle, and high school students. All projects and lessons are geared to introduce students to a variety of art methods and techniques through guidance & demonstrations. Preschool and Elementary students focus on fun! From our drawing and painting classes and workshops to our exclusive Time Machine Art Explorers™ art history sessions, students will enjoy learning about materials and methods. All classes are taught with step-by-step individualized instruction, encouraging unique expression. Middle School and High School students focus on more advanced instruction in drawing and painting, journaling, and special interests based on individual inspiration. Strategies for enhancing portfolios will be explored. Adult students focus on projects of their choice, while the instructor provides more advanced instruction in drawing and painting, allowing each student to explore and develop a personal viewpoint. Regularly scheduled Adult Meet-Ups provide an interactive environment with other artist offering guidance and helpful critiques. One-on-one lessons are customized to meet the individual needs of each student. This is the preferred method of art instruction and philosophy of education by artist and preK-12th grade teacher, Susan Keefe, M.A.Ed.., BFA.
  • Is your art studio a Choice Classroom?
    Yes, Art Studio 760 is set up as a choice classroom. We offer many levels of art instruction suited to everyone from absolute beginners to those developing their own portfolio of work. Students enjoy exploring a wide range of subject matters as well as discussing their own interests in art and are guided through the process of how to take an idea and turn it into art. Students, of all ages, are encouraged learn the following Artist Habits of Mind, (adapted from Studio Thinking by Hetland, Lois. 2007. Teachers College Press). Develop Craft: Techniques and use of tools and material. Engage and Persist: Learning to develop focus and take up subjects of personal interest. Envision: Learning the creative process, to picture mentally what cannot be directly observed. Express: Learning to convey an idea, a feeling or personal meaning. Observe: To look closely and notice more. Reflect: Learning to think and talk with others about one’s work. Evaluate: Learning to judge one’s own work and the process of making it. Stretch and Explore: Learning to explore playfully without a preconceived plan. Understand the Art World: Learning about the history/practice of the art form. Interacting with other artists and the broader arts community.
  • What are your top 10 classes?
    At ART STUDIO 760 we like to say that “there are 760 ways to explore your creative side”, but you have to start somewhere! So we recommend beginning with an art activity from one of our Top 10 CLASSES. #1: Drawing: Materials & Techniques #2: Collage Art & Journaling #3: Acrylic Painting on Canvas and Other Surfaces #4: Watercolor Painting #5: Polymer Clay, Air-Dry Clay & 3D Sculpture #6: Puppetry & Marionettes #7: Maker Space: Kaleidoscopes and Other Upcycled 3D Materials #8: Beading and UV Resin Jewelry #9: Stitching and Sewing #10: Paper-craft: 3D Paper Sculpture and Origami Learn more here.
  • Can you tell me more about choosing an art class?
    Students will participate in a follow-along project that they have pre-selected. Students receive individualized instruction based on their needs and art experience levels. Art Studio 760 Classes are great for students who work well with step-by-step guided instructions and like to add their own creative flair. Demonstrations are introduced in step by step follow along format. Originality and creative exploration are encouraged in all classes. All ages and experience levels welcome. You can choose any class you'd like with each session you book! View our Top 10 Classes here or contact us if you have an idea for another class you'd like to try.
  • How do I contact you?
    We are here to help! You can text Susan at 781-290-8412 or email You can also use the Contact Form on our website.
  • Can I book just a single class?
    Yes! All of our art lessons are geared to fit in to your schedule. You can book a single class, or you can arrange to return on a regular basis. Most art classes are offered to be completed in a single session. Students will follow along with the individualized demonstrations to create their own unique art project. See the list of the Top 10 Classes for suggestions of things to do, or you can request a project or theme. In one class session, students will develop their creative imagination with demonstrations and coaching from the teacher. Classes are offered in 2-hour blocks. You decide how often you'd like to attend, ie: one time, once a month, every two weeks or weekly.
  • Are the classes drop-in or do I need to make a reservation?
    Classes at Art Studio 760 require a reservation. You can either view our calendar and book a session here or give us a call to reserve your spot. We recommend reserving your spot in advance to ensure availability and to help us plan the class accordingly.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    We require a 24-hour notice for all cancellations. Request for refunds and credits for a prescheduled class or event must be made by phone.
  • Do you offer drawing and painting classes for adults?
    Yes! Art Studio 760 drawing and painting classes are for adults ages 18+ with all levels of experience. Our drawing class is especially for those who would like a foundation in the basics of drawing from observation and exploring techniques in drawing. A variety of drawing materials will be explored including charcoal, pastels, pencils and ink. In our painting class, students will learn the basics of painting with your choice of watercolor, acrylic or water-based oil paint. Lessons are individualized based on the interest of the student while exploring methods, materials and techniques in the different paint media.
  • We have children of different ages in our family. Can they take the same class session? Do you differentiate the lesson for the mixed grade levels?
    At Art Studio 760, we welcome children of all ages and skill levels to participate in our classes. We understand that families may have children of different ages and we do our best to accommodate their learning needs. Our experienced teachers differentiate the lessons to cater to the mixed grade levels in the class. This ensures that each child is challenged at their own level and gets the most out of their art class experience. Additionally, our small class sizes allow for individualized attention and support for each student. You can also book a private group event if you'd prefer. Learn more here.
  • How do I determine what level of class is appropriate?
    We will work together to help you choose a class that's just right for you or your child! Kids, teens and adult students may begin in any level, maintain at that level for as long as they would like and then work at “leveling up.” The instructor will adjust lessons to accommodate new and returning students. Beginners: For students who are new to taking art classes here. The instructor will explain methods and materials on the first day of class. This is a perfect place to start as we assess your current level. Students may remain at this level for several sessions. Intermediate: For those who have taken some classes and would like more focused and complex study. Many students remain in intermediate level for a year or more. Advanced: For those who have been studying for several years and seek instruction which will expand current skill and content goals. Independent / Professional: For those who have a body of work and would like individualized critique to help develop specific personal artistic goals.
  • Can I (or my child) bring a portfolio or sketch book to the art studio to have you look at it?
    Yes, We can look at a collection of sketches and previous work to see the current level and ask questions about goals to work toward in the pursuit of making art and “leveling up”! We love to work with your individual interest. Special requests are welcome.
  • Are snacks allowed?
    Art Studio 760 recommends students bring their own water bottle and snack (nut free zone). Please call our office to discuss any allergies or medical needs. 781-290-8412.
  • How are classes structured and how do I check availability?
    Most classes are offered in a 2-hour session. Please visit our Bookings page to check for availability and the reserve a time on the calendar.
  • What is there to do in the area while my child is in a class?
    There are many things to do in the historic area of Lexington, Massachusetts! Some options include: Wilson Farm Adam's Playground Lex Spa Beauty Salon Dunkin's, Starbucks Emery Park A ton of restaurants, shops and more in Lexington Center (a 5 minute drive)
  • What are the drop off and pick up procedures?
    Please bring your child into the Studio, check in with the teacher and help your child get ready with an apron. All permissions/registration forms must be completed at drop-off. Parents/guardians are welcome to stay during the class and hang out in our Studio Lounge.
  • Is there a fee for late pickups?
    Late pickups may be charged up to $20. Please call us at 781-290-8412 if you are going to be late picking up your child.
  • Is your art studio accessible?
    ART STUDIO 760 Gallery, Gift Shop and Art Classes are inclusive and open to everyone from all communities. Please let us know if you have any special circumstances or need assistance.
  • How many people are allowed in the studio?
    Art Studio 760 can accommodate more than 12 people. We have a spacious studio area that can be arranged according to your needs. We provide ample space for you to create, socialize, and enjoy your art-making experience. We also have a lounge area where you can relax and take a break from your art activities. Our lounge area is equipped with comfortable seating and a mini-library that showcases art and design books.
  • What are your "Safe Studio Guidelines"?
    Art Studio 760 Cleaning Initiatives are in place: all participants are encouraged to regularly wash hands and use hand sanitizer. We regularly use surface disinfectants and UVC light to sanitize our workstations, front counter, workshop supplies and shared tools. We ask that all visitors do their own part during their time at Art Studio 760. Thank you for following Safe Studio Guidelines, they are a shared responsibilities between the Art Teacher and the visitors in the Studio.
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